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  • E-mail Blambot with a general idea of what you're looking for and whether you just need lettering, or you'd also like Blambot to pre-press your project. You'll get an e-mail back within 24 hours with a price quote and turn-around time (unless more information is needed from you).

  • If all is agreeable, send along your ground mail address and phone number, and a standard Blambot project agreement will be emailed to you.

  • When you get them, sign them and keep one for yourself. Send a copy back to Blambot.

  • Once your signed papers are returned, you'll get e-mail confirmation that the project is proceeding, and you can send Blambot your art, (JPG or TIF) script, (DOC or RTF) and any notes or placements you have.

  • You'll hear back as soon as there are proofs to show you.

  • Once all corrections are finished, you can send the balance remaining, and the finished lettering will be sent to you as EPS files or TIFs (if Blambot is doing your Pre-Press.)

EI8HT © Mike Johnson & Rafael Albuquerque

FIGHT CLUB 2 © Chuck Palahniuk

ELFQUEST: THE FINAL QUEST © Richard & Wendy Pini

BRAIN BOY © Dark Horse Comics


BLACK BEETLE © Francesco Francavilla

The Umbrella Academy TM & © 2007 Gerard Way

POE - CONQUEROR WORM © Richard Corben

POE - RED DEATH © Richard Corben

POE - RED DEATH © Richard Corben

STEAM MAN © Joe R. Lansdale

TO HELL YOU RIDE © Henriksen, Maddrey, Mandrake

EMPOWERED © Adam Warren

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